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Why should I have newborn photos?

This season of your life is joyous, overwhelming, amazing, hard and SHORT.

Even though the days can be long, newborns really are only this new and tiny for such a short period, and then they grow and change and start doing new things and suddenly you find yourself in the next phase.

I believe making photographic memories of this time is so important. This is one of life's big events and it really does deserve to be honoured. So often I hear parents say things like "I don't even remember the first 6 weeks of her life". It's true - it is all a bit of a blur while we figure out how to do this newborn thing and so capturing some of this time is always going to be so precious to you. When my son was born 12 years ago, newborn photography wasn't even on my radar, and so we have a few terrible shots of him taken with our little point and shoot camera (heck, smart phones weren't even a thing back then!) I look back on those images and although they bring me joy, I do feel sad that I don't have anything of quality of my precious baby who I fought so hard to get. It sounds so cliche but they really are only this little once.

You created, grew and birthed this tiny human. You deserve to have that documented. You deserve beautiful photos of you with your newborn baby. Once you have delivered your baby, you will be swirling in oxytocin - the love hormone and it really is a beautiful thing. I want you to bask in that love and see it in images that are created for you. Leave a legacy for your child that shows the love and bond that was created right from the very first moments.

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