NZIPP Iris awards 2020

This year I entered the NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography) Iris Awards along with many other professional photographers from New Zealand and around the world.  This year I really wanted to enter work that represented my every day client work.  I was awarded four bronze awards and gosh being judged for your art is a roller coaster ride!

RISE international photography awards 2019

With my unexpected success at the IRIS awards, I got double brave and entered the international competition RISE and was awarded these two bronzes for these beautiful furry friends.


NZIPP Iris awards 2019

2019 was my first year entering the awards.  It took a whole lot of courage to enter my work into this very prestigious competition.  My goal was to achieve one bronze award but I managed to do better than that with 2 bronzes and a silver with distinction.