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My number one value in life is kindness - I like to think that more kindness

could make the world a much better place.  

You'll usually find me at home with a kombucha in one hand and a piece of dark chocolate in the other. 

I might be crocheting or moving furniture around -  I have always loved to change up a space!

I also love wide open spaces where I can get the fresh air in my lungs and my little dog can

frolic to her heart's content.

I live with two people who make me laugh every single day and I think that is a pretty successful life!

My hubbie and I fought hard to have our child, going through fertility treatment for several years.

That's actually one of the reasons I find myself doing this amazing job - because I want to celebrate and capture the miracle of babies and the love of family.  

I would LOVE to meet you and your family x

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