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The ups and downs of lockdown

Well it seems that I have a love/hate relationship with lockdown. There are things that I really appreciate about it and there are things that are just plain hard. I'd love to share them with you here, and I would love to hear yours too.

Up = My life slows down, I don't feel overwhelmed by all the things that usually need to get done in a week. I just have to focus on my family and that is about it (oh, and keeping the house clean and tidy because messy house equals messy mind for me).

Down = My son seems to be on a computer all day. Firstly with his online schooling and then the allocated 'screen time' which is his gaming time. Definitely a different thing to school time on the computer if you ask him! I would never normally want him in front of a screen for that long every day and I don't like it.

Up = I have had time to record a few podcast episodes in advance so that once the new season starts, I have them lined up and ready to go. I never would have had the time to do that had I not been in lockdown and not be able to do my photography work.

Down = I miss my family and friends. I need to hug them.

Up = My ideal life is a slow life and I am living that right now.

Down = I have this impending anxiety that once we drop to Level 2 and I can work again, that I will be really busy. I will go from 0-100 overnight and it could be overwhelming. I feel stressed just thinking about it.

Up = I don't have to pretend that I don't feel like socialising. As an introvert, sometimes I just don't want to go out and socialise but I always feel bad about it. None of that at the moment!

Down = I think about food ALL DAY. I literally wake up thinking "yay, I can have breakfast" and then plan my meals for the rest of the day. I find it is so easy to overeat in lockdown so I am trying to be more mindful of this.

Up = I am getting a lot of crochet done. In normal times, I often edit photos in the evenings but with no editing to do at the moment, I can crochet away to my heart's content.

Down= The groundhog day effect. How long can we do the same thing every day over and over without feeling bored or down?

Up = We have made some yummy desserts - lemon tart, chocolate tart and tonight I am making apple and berry crumble.

Down = The same or similar walks every day do get a bit tiresome, even with a cute fluffy friend at my heels. I cannot wait to get her back to the dog park where she can run free.

Up = My son is happy because he loves staying home.

I really do have a lot to be grateful for. I am sheltering in a warm, safe house with people I love. We have enough food and other essential things. I am very aware that having one 13 year old is much easier than having small children at this time. I am not having to think of new and exciting activites for him everyday and he is doing his schooling independently. I am acutely aware of this.

Sending love to you all and hoping the end is coming soon xx

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