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Starting a podcast

I have been working behind the scenes on getting my podcast ready to launch. The podcast sharing stories of infertility, courage, loss and hope. Stories of families who have faced a difficult or different journey through conception, pregnancy or postpartum.

This idea has been in my head for quite awhile but I had some blocks in my way stopping me from making it happen. I was worried I wouldn't be able to work out all the technical stuff required. I was worried that no one would want to be interviewed. I was worried that there were things lurking back there that I would have to navigate but didn't realise it yet (spoiler alert - there were). Basically I was worried I couldn't do it.

That is a lot of worries!

But guess what? I could do it.

I have been working with a photography/business mentor and I shared all of this with her. In her gentle and understanding way she gave me a deadline to get one thing done. She challenged me to get my intro recorded. That was all. It meant purchasing the micropone, figuring out how to use it, doing the recording and learning how to edit it.

That one single task unlocked something in me and it all snowballed from there. Once I did that one simple task, I was away and running getting all sorts of things ticked off my list and learning new things at a fast rate. There have been many many google searches as I navaigated how to do all the things.

I simply went from stuck in the mud to up and running and it felt so good because deep in my heart I really wanted to make this thing happen.

Why did I want to make it happen?

  • Because of the infertility journey we went through to have our son

  • Because I believe that other people's stories should be heard

  • Because I think sharing your story can be a very healing process

  • Because I want these conversations to be common place and not hidden away

  • Because I know there are people out there who will feel a little less isolated when they listen

  • Because I care deeply about this

I made a podcast. It has launched and people have listened. My inbox has been full of messages of people sharing their experience of listening to the first episode and others thanking me for helping them to feel seen, heard and less isolated.

And the best thing of all is that I get to keep creating this for those people. I continue to interview women, edit the audio and get it ready to publish.

My heart is bursting.

Of course, the big lessson in here for me is that I can do hard things, I can work things out, I know how to reach out for help. Turns out if you just start with one small step, it leads you onto the next and then the next and to the finish line.

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Jul 02, 2021

So happy you decided to step outside your comfort zone and make this happen.

Janine Fox
Janine Fox
Jul 02, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much - I am really loving the process

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