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What will a baby and toddler session look like?

Good question my friend!

I will walk you through the process here and show you a selection of images from one session so you can see the variety I aim for.

This particular session was a 2 year old and a 3 month old baby. Every session is different depending on the ages of the children, how the children are feeling about things and all the other dynamics of life!

The first and probably most important thing is the time we spend together before I pick up my camera. I always take time to let you come in, put your bags down and relax into the couch. We chat and get to know one another a little and allow your children to feel comfortable in the space. When I see that your children are feeling safe and relaxed, then I will start the session.

In this session I started with Marley first. She was keen and ready and I always like to do a light check. Because her brother Kaden is only 3 months old, I wanted to wait until I was properly set up before I introduced him in, both for safety reasons and also keeping him settled. I have an ottoman set up in my studio that serves as a mini couch so Marley sat up on there for her first photos.

Then it was time to bring Kaden in for some photos with his sister. Marley was used to holding her baby brother so with some support from Mum and myself we got him set up with her. I asked their Mum to stay within arms reach of Kaden for safety and we got these precious images.

Next, I moved them off the ottoman and onto a laying down arrangement. I have a bed that is very low to the ground (almost on the ground) which is perfect for this. Again I started with Marley first. I needed to adjust my light and check it and again I wanted Kaden kept happy with his Mum while I did this. I took this opportunity to get a few more of Marley on her own.

Kaden's turn to join his sister again. Again I kept their Mum very close for safety of Kaden and worked away to get this lovely variety of the two of them lying down together.

And finally a few of Kaden on his own. I just kept him on the same little low bed but added in the blanket again and a few cushions for some texture. I like to keep things super simple because for me it is all about your children. I love how Marley put her wee hand on his head in one of these shots.

Marley and Kaden's mum had booked for her two children only and while I will never pressure a parent to be in the photos I will always give that opportunity. So right at the end I asked her if she would like to and she did, and it was beautiful!

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