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What if my baby and toddler are tricky for the shoot?

I want to allay all your worries and fears. So many mums message me and say they are worried that their children won't behave and I can promise you that it is almost always just fine - in fact better than fine. It is usually great.

My job and belief is that I need to take each child where they are at. That means in the planning phase of the shoot I think about the age of the children, any personality traits that the parents have told me about, and how I can work in a fun and quick way to get the shots done and keep the children engaged and happy.

Then when I meet you and your children, I quickly am able to get a feeling for how they are feeling and what they might need. Some children need to chat to me alot and ask lots of questions. Some children need to sit on mum's knee for awhile, some children need mum to stay close the whole time and some children need to go and run a marathon first!

I am always feeling the energy and vibe coming from your children so I can best help them to feel safe, secure and happy.

Honestly, sometimes I sit and chat to mum for a good 15 minutes while her little one snuggles on her lap, just getting used to me. By having a friendly open chat with you, your little one knows I am a safe person.

There are so many scenarios that can play out in a studio enviroment.

I find that if one sibling is struggling but the other is ready, I will do a few individuals of the ready child which again demonstrates to the other child that I am safe and friendly. It can also really help when I show children the back of my camera and they can see themselves or their sibling on there.

If it is a child coming alone and they are struggling, I keep Mum really close by (but out of shot) in order to help the little one feel safe. Sometimes it works best for the child to just sit on Mum or Dad's knee for the shoot and I think that is lovely too. I will meet your child where they are at and honour what they need.

I find that the 'naughty' behaviour you might be worried about rarely happens. Your children know how to step up and manage themselves in a new environment. Think of your child that can be a challenge at home, but is an angel at kindy. It is kinda like that. A little different because you are still in the room but along those lines. And if it really does all turn to custard, we can stop, regroup and make a new plan (but I promise that rarely happens!)

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