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Waiting for you project

Updated: May 13, 2020

In my last blog post I shared my own personal journey with infertility and the heartache I went through to have my only child. Our journey altered the fabric of my life and will always be a part of who I am now. The importance of sharing my story and finding a way for others to share theirs grew into a photographic project in 2019 which I named 'Waiting for you'. I invited families who had been through a difficult journey to parenthood to share their stories with me. Of course, telling your story is not for everyone. However, I knew for some it would be an important part of their healing. Having the baby is not always a cure for all those feelings and there is often a lot to work through.

Over the year I met with 13 families who had finally had success and I worked with them to photograph their baby and family, celebrate this miracle and hear their stories. Their were days that I was in tears as I listened to what people had been through. The mountains people are willing to move to have a child is mind blowing.

This project has been one of love, hope and support. Thank you to these families for being willing to open up and share. You are all amazing!

Here are the 13 incredible miracle babies xx








Baby almost here


Hollie and Harry


Josie and Sebastian


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