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Unposed is beautiful

Okay I feel like a broken record but I really do believe that babies should just be allowed to be babies and photoraphed in that way. Everything I do in my studio is something you would do at home - wrap them up, pop them on the floor on their back, put a blanket over them, put them in a moses basket and have them in your arms.

Simple, done!

In this shot Emme is simply wrapped and in her Mama's arms. She's not asleep and look at that amazing eye contact she's got . That always astounds me with newborns!

Here we have the whole family snuggled up together and just gently interacting with their beautiful new baby girl

When there is a sibling, it is so important that they feel comfortable before they are expected to do any shots with the baby on their own. That's why I always do these snuggly family shots first. From there I carefully read the toddler or older child to see what they will be capable and comfortable doing for the sibling shot. I never push them -just gently guide them, praise them and try to get it done really quick!

When it comes to photographing the baby alone, I usually start wrapped to help the baby feel safe and settled, and then I slowly unwrap the baby, and eventually down to just the onesie and sometimes just in a nappy if the baby is OK with that. It becomes this beautiful unfolding process and often in amongst it the baby will wake up which gives me the opportunity to get some beautiful stretching and awake shots.

When I look back over these images they make me so happy. This is just the kind of thing I would have wanted of my son when he was a baby (but I wasn't in the photography world then and didn't know I wanted this!)

Pure, simple babies exactly as they are - that's my jam!

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