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Three things I would I tell my younger self

Oh so many things, so so many! Getting older can feel a bit difficult at times, but there is no stopping this train AND there really are benefits - hindsight and wisdom being big ones. I've compiled a list of what I would tell my younger goes!

1. It is OK to be you

You are OK and allowed to be 100% you. I mean of course there is always room for self-reflection and improvement but you are you, and that is wonderful. Sometimes you can feel not really part of the crowd because you don't like partying till dawn or you would rather see friends in small groups, or you are the only vegetarian at the table. There is no need to apogise for any of this. This is all valid and it is you, and it is OK to be you.

2. It's OK to hold your baby

So many lessons to learn from having a baby. I think the biggest one here is do what feels right for you, for your baby and for your family. People will tell you all sorts of opinions and advice some of which will be helpful to you and others not so much. But please know, that you know your baby and it is OK to break all the baby 'rules'. It is OK to hold your baby.

3. Spend time with people who raise you up

Oh yes, this one. It is so easy to fall into that trap as a young insecure person that you have to keep hanging out with people who are no longer bringing you joy or are making you feel uncomfortable or who just don't fit anymore. It feels impossible to walk away but all I say is start spending more and more time with the people in your life who bring you joy, lift you up and who will always have your back.

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