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Three things I have not loved so much about lockdown

Last week my blog was 'Three things I have loved about lockdown' and so this week I am balancing the scales with three things I have not loved so much!

1.Not seeing my family and friends

I imagine this is one is at the top of most people's lists. I would consider myself an introvert in that I need quiet time to recharge but I love time with my family and friends. This has been hard especially not receiving those lovely hugs from people I love.

I feel like when we drop to Level 2 this week I might just make the rounds and go and gather up all the hugs I have missed out on.

2. The supermarket

Oh the supermarket. Gosh, at the beginning of lockdown I found this so stressful. I would go to the supermarket, stand in the line being very careful to keep my distance between the people infront and behind me and then once I was in, I literally couldn't think straight. Avoiding people, not touching my face, only picking up the things I wanted, navigating the checkout and the thought of forgetting something and having to come back all created stress. Then when I got home I would wipe down all the groceries, put all my clothes in the wash and have a hot shower. Overreacting? I'm not sure to be honest, but I have now dropped the clothes washing and shower but still wipe the groceries down.

As time went on I got better at it and a bit more relaxed but not sure the supermarket is going to feel normal to me for a long time yet.

3. The news

I had this weird thing going on with the news where my brain was saturated and overloaded with information and I really needed to switch off, but I had a burning desire every day to watch the 1pm press conference and the 6pm news. It really is a double edged sword. I was informed and knew what was going on and what was expected of me, but I felt my brain felt full.

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