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Take great photos of your kids at home

Updated: May 13, 2020

Whether we are in isolation or not, taking great photos of your children while you are at home going about your day is really important in terms of documenting their little lives.

Here are my three top tips on how to do this with your phone so that what you do capture, is something you love and want to keep.

1. Don't expect them to look at you and smile

My personal preference is to take photos of my child while he is busy doing something rather than asking him to stop and look at the camera and smile. I have pretty much trained my son to just carry on with what he is doing if he sees me with my camera. This way you will create photos that really show what your children loved to do at this stage of their lives. Of course, there is a place for the look at the camera shots, but I would suggest balancing them out with these types of photos as well.

2. Put your back to a window

Photography is all about light. My biggest tip for super simple photography of your children inside your house is put your back to a window (without blocking the window too much) - the bigger the window the better! If you child is playing near a window, simply put your back to the window, or off to the side so you don't block the window too much, and take the photo of them as they play. You want to do this at a time when there is not direct light coming straight in the window - it is better when the light is soft and indirect.

I'm lucky with this window as it is large and goes floor to ceiling so I get a ton of light. Smaller windows can work too. See that harsh light hitting the floor close to the window? I want to avoid that, and have my child playing on the floor in where the light is soft (just back a bit further in this instance, or on that rug).

In this shot, there is a window right behind me so there is a lovely amount of light falling on their faces.

In this shot, they are in the same place as the photo above, but I have moved for a different angle (which is my point #3) but they still have that same light falling on them. So you don't always need your back to the window, but the window facing them is great.

3. Try different angles

Photography gets really interesting when you shoot your images from all different angles, so avoid just standing and taking the photos without moving around. Get down low (on their level), lie on your tummy, shoot from above their heads, and get in really close. Doing this will give you a lovely variety of angles and interesting composition.

Happy photography! I would love to see your images you are taking in your homes right now. Feel free to send me a private message on Facebook or Instagram!

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