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Sibling photos

Updated: May 13, 2020

Often when a family comes to see me, getting a great sibling shot is top of their list of must haves. I agree - a beautiful photo of your children together sends sunbeams into your heart and captures a moment in time, when your children are at this specific age and stage of their lives.

When I work with a newborn and their sibling, the most important thing for me is to read how the toddler or older child is feeling about the newborn baby, how they are feeling about being in the studio with me given those things, how much time and support they will need to do this thing! I never want to pressure or coerce a toddler or older child into this so I use my bucket loads of patience to give them the time they need. Sometimes we will start with the family and sibling shots and sometimes it feels better to do the newborn shots first so the sibling can watch and take some time getting used to it all. We all have feelings and anxieties and sometimes that child is feeling worried or unsure, and we must respect those feelings.

If the older sibling is comfortable holding the baby I usually start with this shot.

Then I aim to get this shot. I have to stand over your children to do this, and not all are comfortable with this so again, we read and respect how everyone is feeling.

And this shot is super sweet and a great alternative if the older sibling is not keen on holding the baby.

And if all else fails we get creative and do things like this.

Sibling safety and toddler/older child happiness are the two main things I am thinking about as we compose these shots and capture a beautiful image for you of your little loves.

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