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Please don't worry that your baby won't sleep for their shoot

I want you to relax and not even have a whisper of worry about this part. This is a factor for photographers who like to put babies into props but the way I work, with only natural posing, it is not an issue.

So wipe that worry off your list - it is all going to be fine.

It is likely your baby will have some of the session asleep anyway just due to their

newborn-ness and also from being wrapped and kept warm and being in your arms.

But it is also likely that your baby will send some of the session awake and that is OK with me! In fact I really love newborn awake photos.

My aim is always a calm, relaxed and settled baby. If they are asleep, this is a given but this can also be the case with an awake baby. Obviously if they are awake and unsettled we will do everything we can to calm them such as feeding, rocking and soothing.

This is also the reason that I do not have an early cut off date for your newborn shoot. I will happily shoot a newborn up to 2 months or so.

So fear not my friends. If you like natural newborn images then you do not need to worry about your baby 'behaving' for the shoot because your baby is in charge and we will just go with however they are feeling on the day.

I never want new parents to feel stressed. It is hard enough just getting out of the house!

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