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My re-opening plan

I am making a plan for what my sessions will look like going forward from here. I am planning for sessions at Level 2 and then will adjust once we hit Level 1 and beyond.

It is really important to me that you feel safe working with me and I am doing everything I can to keep us all safe.


These sessions feel pretty safe as I will be able to keep a little bit of distance from you and there isn't the need to touch you. I will need to be mindful of that though, as I naturally touch people and often find my self lifting a child up onto a tree branch or brushing that stray piece of hair out of your face when shooting a family session. We will be able to run the session mostly as I normally do, hanging out in a park or at the beach.

I will wash my hands before leaving home and then sanitise before the session starts, as well as having all my gear wiped down and clean.

NEWBORN SESSIONS (and other studio sessions)

The studio will get a thorough clean before I start shooting in there again and also between sessions. I aim to have 24 hours between clients so that there is time for studio and gear cleaning and also a general time lag between clients. Before your session I will wash my hands and then also sanitise as I normally would. I will ask you to leave your shoes at the door and santise your hands as you enter the studio. I do handle newborns during their sessions but it is minimal given my natural style. I will wear gloves and a mask but if you prefer me not to touch your baby, I can direct you to how I would like you to place them on my shooting bean bag. All blankets I use in sessions, will be washed afterwards.

I normally offer my families a cup of tea or glass of water, but I think for Level 2 I will hold off on that and ask you to bring your own water. I hope I will be able to offer that again as soon as possible.

I want to honour this very special time in your life and so despite these extra precautions we need to take I will do everything I can to make this a lovely warm and caring experience for you.

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