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My baby is 6 weeks old - can I still have a newborn photoshoot?

Updated: May 13, 2020

This is a really interesting question and my answer is a resounding YES!

It is an interesting question as there are different opinions within the newborn photography community. Some photographers want to see the babies under 2 weeks and others are happy with an older newborn, so it all really depends on your photographer and what style of newborn work they do.

Often the reason for photographers wanting the baby to come in those first couple of weeks is because it is much easier to get the baby asleep and to stay asleep at this very young age. When working in a style that is posed and uses props, you really do need the baby to be asleep for success.

I work in a very simple, natural way with no posing or props so it really doesn't matter to me if your baby is awake or asleep. All I need is for your baby to be settled and so their age is not a concern. I offer newborn sessions up to 8 weeks old.

So yes you can still have a newborn shoot if you baby is a few weeks older.

I recently did a session with a 6 week old baby and I loved it so much. He was awake and alert and the eye contact I got with him was insane!

We did all the usual things - family, baby with Mum, with Dad and with his big sister.

Occasionally he drifted off to sleep. He looks so sweet asleep over Dad's shoulder and in his Mama's arms.

And never forget the feet shot. Love those newborn feet!

I love newborns in those very early weeks and I love them a bit older at 6 or 8 weeks. They are all perfect and amazing and beautiful photos of them can be captured of them at both stages.

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