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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

A sperm meets an egg, fertilisation happens, the cells start to divide and before you know it those cells have formed into a human with a heart beat, arms, legs and then all the other bits follow and 9 months later you have your baby in your arms. It really is miraculous. Truly miraculous!

And as with all things in nature, sometimes it goes a bit wrong. The sperm swim backwards, the eggs are damaged, something happens that creates a reality of your baby not surviving.

Within this space, sometimes miracles still happen. My baby is a miracle of the IVF process. I have seen a friend go through recurrent miscarriage but finally get her baby boy. I have had messages from families who lost their child to still birth, who have gone on to have another baby, and a friend who after 12 years of heartache adopted her daughter.

However sometimes those miracles simply do not come and that is heartbreaking.

I think we need to talk about it all - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let's talk about the easy conceptions, blissful pregnancies and warrior woman births. We need to hear all those positive stories in this space.

Let's talk about infertility, endometriosis, silly sperm and the gruelling IVF process.

Let's talk about miscarriage and the profound effect it has on a family, no matter how early the baby loss occurs.

Let's talk about still birth. Let's allow families who lose their baby between 20 weeks and full term to grieve openly and for their child to be truly acknowledged.

Let's talk about all the miracles and heartaches.

When I see you at the shops, at the beach, or when you walk through my studio doors - I see your miracle. Whether your miracle came to you through a simple meeting of egg and sperm , through needles and petri dishes, or after profound loss - I see your miracle.

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