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Mama - please be in the photos with your children

Updated: May 13, 2020

This is one of those things that I feel really strongly about.

Mamas - please be in photos with your children. I worry that we are leaving behind family albums where we are invisible because we are being the family photographer ourselves, or we are worried about our wrinkles, or our weight or some other thing that our children actually don't care about. Our children love us and they want photos WITH us.

You are so important. You do everything in your power to make your children's lives wonderful. You probably work yourself way too hard to make this happen. Be in the photos Mamas.

You are beautiful and strong and have a heart full of love for your children. Please be in the photos.

Take a selfie, hand your phone off to someone else, hire a photographer. It honestly doesn't matter. Be in the photos, you are worth it xxx

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