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I'm worried my children won't behave for our photoshoot

Updated: May 13, 2020

OK - I totally get it. The worry is real and I still have those thoughts when we do our own family photos. So I have put together a few top tips to help you out and hopefully calm your fears.

1. Keep your expectations low

Let's be honest - kids are kids and they are going to do kid stuff. They need to move and chat and run and flip...In my outdoor sessions there is plenty of time for all of this. We will have times of 'let's all sit here while I take some photos of you' and times of 'run over there for me'. In my studio sessions, I have a few toys for your little ones and sometimes a walk with Dad down to the swing in the tree works a treat. I expect children to need to do this. I expect children to have a meltdown if something goes wrong. I expect children might be a bit grumpy sometimes. I expect that some children will be very shy. It is all part of being a child, being a human in fact. It can all be overcome but it really helps if our expectations are kept in check with the little humans we are dealing with.

2. Fed them!

Make sure your children have had a decent snack/meal before the shoot. There's nothing quite like a hangry child (or adult for that matter). You are always very welcome to bring snacks along on shoots as well. We can stop and have a snack break when it is needed.

3. Make sure their clothing is comfortable

Children are very perceptive and they definitely know when something is going on and when you are giving off that 'I really need you to behave today vibe'. When you pair that with fancy new clothes or clothes they aren't allowed to get dirty - their radars really start to go off!

I mean, of course you want your children dressed nicely for the shoot, but still make sure they are comfortable and feel themselves. If they usually wear comfy shorts and t-shirts and then you put them in a three piece suit, the wheels might start falling off! So I say, nice clothes, but comfortable and something they actually like.

4. I got this!

You know that really annoying thing when your children will listen to someone else but not you? That goes for photography sessions too. Sometimes it works out that you just have to hand over to your photographer and let them take the reins in terms of corralling the kids. In my case, I worked for many years as a primary school teacher so I am very used to doing this. I will always look to you for support if needed and I am always very mindful of the child that really needs to be close to Mum or Dad at all times.

5. Prepare them

It is important to tell children where you are going and what is going to happen. You can throw in some behaviour expectations as well remembering to keep them in check. It can be really helpful to show your children a photo of your photographer so they have already seen their face and are a little familiar. You will find photos of me both on my website and Instagram page.

Let's do this - it will be just fine!

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