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2020 - the good, the bad and the ugly

If last year you were feeling super busy and saying "I just don't get to spend enough time with my family", then 2020 handed that to you on a big old silver platter!

It really has been a year. We never saw it coming. We were not prepared, but look at us.

We have adjusted, accepted and have made the most of the circumstances we have found ourselves in.

We homeschooled our kids, worked from home, or continued working because that is what our essential job has needed us to do.

We unschooled our children because working from home and homeschooling them is acutally not possible.

We sanitised, worn masks and scanned in everywhere we went.

We stayed at home for weeks on end, figuring out how to keep our kids from climbing the wall, ourselves from climbing the walls and probably the dog too.

We stood in long lines at the supermarket, come home and washed our groceries and our clothes, so that we can feed our families.

We delivered babies and had no visitors in their early days and weeks on this Earth.

We felt isolated, down and desperately wanted to see our wider family and friends.

We taught our parents how to do online shopping and how to access Netflix.

We sent our children back to school even though we felt a bit wobbly about it (or not!)

We baked banana bread and sourdough and consumed too much alcohol.

We watched daily updates at 1pm and become very fond of Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

We suffered the sadness of not being able to attend funerals of our loved ones.

We walked and rode the same streets of our own neighbourhood day after day.

We put teddy bears in our windows to give children something to look for on their daily walks

We felt very scared and separated from our family living overseas.

We had Covid-19 tests when we had a tickle in our throat, just to be sure.

We did it all and so much more. We were courageous, flexible and kind and we should be very proud. We did all this to keep ourselves, our families, our friends and people we don't know safe and well. We did it against all odds. We did it xx

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