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What does success mean to you?

This has been on my mind as I have gone through a bit of a quiet patch in my business.

I could blame Covid or many other things, but I find myself turning inward and blaming myself.

Not a good enough photographer

My photography style is not right

People don't like me

Other people are so much better than me

Blah, blah, blah...

But actually I don't know the reason. I can make up as many stories as I like about not being enough but really it is somewhat out of my control. As long as I am doing what I feel passionate about in a way that is honest, with my best intentions and with my whole heart, then maybe I am actually doing enough. Oh and I am also forgetting all those times in the past when I was super busy and run off my feet. Maybe that is why it makes this quiet patch sting that much more?

And then it crept up on me that maybe, just maybe my measure of success was a bit screwy.

Maybe, just maybe I need to look at that a bit closer

If you were to ask me what I see as successful in life I would list things like

- compassionate

- grateful

- loving

- giving

- connection

- contentment

But throw me into the world of small business and things got a little screwy.

I seem to have narrowed down my measures of success as a photographer as these two things - booked up months in advance, and contributing financially well to my family.

That's it.

What about that family who I ran around the park with and gave them images that they adore and will treasure forever?

What about that Mama who I spent a long time talking to about her journey in motherhood?

What about the endless patience I had for that toddler because I see him as a person with big emotions who is just trying to work this world out?

What about that newborn baby who I handled with such care and understanding?

What about all that?

So it has become evident that it is time for me to relook at my idea of success in my small business. This is really hard as it turns out because every time I look on Instagram I see another photographer booked out for months in advance or doing her fourth shoot for the week and those feelings of comparison and not good enough jump right back on me.

So, how about this as my new measures of success as a newborn and family photographer?

- compassionate

- kind

- a good listener

- plenty of time

- patience

- fun

- honouring your journey

- honouring your little people and what they need

- respectful

- time for my son when he walks in the door from school every day

- time in my week to go to the hospital to support families who have lost their babies

"Meausure your success by what truly matters: your happines and the happiness you bring to others. If today you laughed, felt inspired or consoled a friend, smiled to a stranger, stood for a couse or inched closer to one of your deams, then today was a resounding success.

- Beau Taplin

Thanks for reading this -

I have been struggling with this for awhile and it is good to finally talk about it.

I will continue on doing my work with my best intentions and with my whole heart, because that is all I can do and that certainly feels good!

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