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My top five podcasts

Updated: May 13, 2020

I am a podcast junkie. I just love them so much and listen to them whenever I can. I usually listen to them in the car, or while I am editing photos.

I listen to quite a variety of podcasts, ranging from ones specifically for small creative business owners and I also love anything in the self-help arena, or real life stories.

Here's my current top five non business podcasts:

1.Happy Place

This podcast is interview based hosted by English television and radio presenter Fearne Cotton. She interviews really interesting people about their lives and how they find joy in their everyday. Some of my favourites have been with Dynamo, Stephen Fry, Katie Piper and Elizabeth Gilbert. I notice there is one there for all you Joe Wicks fans!

2.Motherhood sessions

This podcast has you sitting in on a therapy session with Dr Alexandra Sacks. Each episode features a woman struggling with some problem or question—from career uncertainty to ambivalence about even being a mother—and she and Dr. Sacks work it through together.

It is truly wonderful!

3. Kiwi birth tales

This podcast is hosted by Jordyn Gregory and she interviews women about their conception, pregnancy and birth journeys. As a mum who struggled with two out three of these areas, I find it so amazing to listen to all the different stories. I find it uplifting, interesting and very grounding.

4. Deliciously Ella

Ella's story is really interesting. As a university student she became very unwell and she learned to cook to try to improve her lifestyle and improve her health. Later it became a business and this podcast accompanies that. Ella and her husband Matthew interview a host of really interesting people the the health and wellbeing sphere covering topics from mindfulness, grief, sleep, gut health and diet.

5. Heavyweight

This one is hosted by Jonathan Goldstein. He also hosts This American life which I haven't listened to yet but lots of people love it. In each episode he helps people try to resolve a moment from their past that they wish they could change. I have only just discovered this one but what I have listened to so far has been fascinating!

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Olivia Mertens
May 07, 2020

These sound so interesting! I haven't listened to many podcasts, but there was one I was listening to before Adelaide was born. It's called Birth Stories and it's hosted by a woman named Clemmie Hooper who works as a midwife in the UK. She has a popular Instagram page (as does her hubby). I follow them both haha. It's really interesting!

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