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Before and after

Updated: May 13, 2020

Photographers are always talking about editing and what really do they mean?

Basically it means any work you do on a photo in a photo-editing programme such as Lightroom or Photoshop after the photo has been taken.

Depending on style of the photographer, the level of editing varies.

For me, each image is individually worked on but because of my simple and natural style, I am a fairly light editor. My aim is always to get as much right in-camera as I can so that the editing process is just enhancing, rather than fixing.

In this image of Toby I needed to remove the baby shusher from the background, reduce the redness in his face and remove a bit of the flaky skin from around his eyes.. His parents and I decided to not remove any of the tubes as that is part of Toby's story and important to have there.

This shot of Ollie was unplanned. I was getting something ready and when I looked around I saw him over his Mum's shoulder looking straight at me, so I grabbed this shot quickly. It was a bit underexposed, I cleaned his skin up a bit, and I needed to take out some background details of my studio.

This outdoor shot of simply needed a bit of brightening and crop.

I really love the editing process, as the final step in creating the image. The final touches often bring the image alive.

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