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Am I enough?

I bought myself this sweet little necklace with my initial on it recently with the purpose of wearing it and remembering that I am enough.

I struggle with believing in myself, having a strong anchor inside, knowing that I am enough and feeling confident that I am worthy.

That's a lot right!

These feelings have been with me a long time. I can remember times in my life from primary school right through to today where I'm with people and feel a little beneath them, not good enough and always trying to please them. To be honest when I left my teaching career (where I was established and experienced) and started my photography business where I had to build from the bottom up and learn a heap along the way, my self esteem took an extra hit.

I am really feeling a calling to work on this and lessen these feelings as much as I can.

I really don't need to live with believing that I am not good enough. No one does.

So, I am seeing a counsellor and together we are working on building that strong anchor.

Day to day I am trying to notice that inner critic voice, and change it to something more positive and helpful. I am learning strategies for when my old friend anxiety shows up and tries to make me believe that the world is falling apart, when actually I am just running a little late. I am honouring myself when I need quiet time or rest.

This little necklace will be another daily reminder that I am worthy and enough.

Even when I haven't been the best parent I can be

Even when I make eggs on toast for the family meal

Even when I just want to spend my time at home

Even when I'm not as booked in my business as I would love to be

Even when I'm running late

Even when I have to say no

Because I don't have to be perfect to be enough

In fact trying to be perfect is a fast track to mental distress

because it is impossible

and so today I give myself permission to be imperfect

and to know that I am worthy, good and enough.

Do you need to give yourself this permission too?

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